Day Eight: Barak

Written by Kevin Carlson

Barak made the list! (Hebrews 11:32). But just who is this Barak, when named with no commentary; and standing in such ‘elite’ company? Characters like Abraham and Moses may well warm to us as ‘giants’ in faith, belief and actions while lesser-knowns may seem minor in comparison. The practice of comparing ourselves with others and feeling less significant (or more) than we ought, is a temptation we must resist! “Comparison is the thief of joy” (C S Lewis).

We read of Barak in Judges 4-5 (also 1 Sam 12:11). Barak is one of four on the list representing the period of the Judges. This was a turbulent time in Israel’s allegiance towards God for everyone did “what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 17:6). Under the command of Deborah, Barak was given a task to which he is accredited as a man of faith. But wait a minute! As we read this account, he is not that keen to follow Deborah’s instructions. He is hesitant, and there were consequences to his hesitancy. But nevertheless, he went forward.

Here was his faith exercised and acknowledged – he went. Like every person mentioned in ‘The list’ (Heb 11), there is none whose faith did not falter. None. Yet, there is a faith approved by God in the midst of our imperfections.

Fault, there is no doubt, is to be found in us all in some form or another, but this should not hinder us as opportunity presents day by day to learn more and more to believe God’s Word. To trust and follow in spite of our fears and cautious minds, which work the emotions and question God’s ability to be present and accomplish. That we may by faith and in faith believe and follow the “Way and the Truth and the Life” of Christ. Fault will always challenge our sense of worthiness and to falter we will in believing and trusting God in everything his Word says towards standing firm in a world that derides, shames and ridicules the name and rule of Christ. Faith leads us to DO and to GO and to BE – beyond our Old-Self.

The “Christ Way” as the Bible teaches is the way of faith. As we read the Scriptures, there is no uncharted or untried way, but a road trodden by the footsteps of many. Barak is but one. The uncharted and the untried is simply our own story to date.

Barak is on the list for very good purpose. How might this challenge you today?