Sept 12th: <Coming Soon>
Sept 5th:
<Coming Soon>

August 29th:
<Coming Soon>
August 22nd:
<Coming Soon>
August 15th:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Isolation vs Community (Ecc 4:7-16)(Ecclesiastes – Life Under the Sun Series)
August 8th:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Life in an Unjust World (Ecc 3:16 – 4:6) (Ecclesiastes – Life Under the Sun Series)
August 1st:
Steve Van Der Poel Audio: A Time for Everything (Ecc 3:1-15) (Ecclesiastes – Life Under the Sun Series)

July 25th: Steve Van Der Poel Audio: Emptiness in our Work (Ecc 2:18-26) (Ecclesiastes – Life Under the Sun Series)
July 18th:
Steve Van Der Poel Audio: The Pursuit of Happiness (Ecc 2:1-17) (Ecclesiastes – Life Under the Sun Series)
July 11th:
Steve Van Der Poel Audio: All is Vanity (Ecc 1;1-18) (Ecclesiastes – Life Under the Sun Series)
July 4th: Ian Prentice Audio: Sermon Audio

June 27th: Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Colossians 4 (Colossians: Holy and Faithful People series)
June 20th:
Steve Van Der Poel Audio: Prayer (Colossians: Holy and Faithful People series)
June 13th:
Steve Van Der Poel Audio: Relationships (Colossians: Holy and Faithful People series)
June 6th:
Steve Van Der Poel Audio: Living in Christ (Colossians: Holy and Faithful People series)

May 30th: Steve Van Der Poel Audio:  Sermon Audio(Colossians: Holy and Faithful People series)
May 23rd:
Steve Van Der Poel Audio: You do what? (Colossians: Holy and Faithful People series)
May 16th:
Phil Hotchkins Audio: Sermon Audio
May 9th:
Steve Van Der Poel Audio: When I don’t feel Faithful (Colossians: Holy and Faithful People series)
May 2nd:
Alan Akers Audio: Sermon Audio

April 25th: Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Sermon Audio
April 18th:
Ian Prentice Audio: Sermon Audio
April 11th:
Ray Smith Audio: Sermon Audio
April 4th
(Easter Sunday): Steve Van Der Poel Audio:  Sermon Audio
April 2nd
(Good Friday): Full Service Audio

March 28th: Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Palm Sunday
March 21st:
Steve Van Der Poel Audio: Sermon Audio
March 14th:
Steve Van Der Poel Audio: Sermon Audio
March 7th:
<name>Audio: Sermon Audio

February 28th: <name> Audio: Sermon Audio
February 21st:
Steve Van Der Poel Audio: Sermon Audio
February 14th:
Steve Van Der Poel Audio: Sermon Audio
February 7th:
Julie Tyler Audio: Sermon Audio

January 31st: Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Sermon Audio
January 24th:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Sermon Audio
January 17th:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Sermon Audio
January 10th:
Ray Smith Audio: Sermon Audio
January 3rd:
Dave Palmer Audio: Sermon Audio

December 27th: Audio not available
December 25th (Christmas Day):
Audio not available
December 20th:
Alan Akers Audio: Sermon Audio
December 13th:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Starry Nights & Bright Lights
December 6th:
Alan Akers Audio: Sermon Audio

November 29th: Ange van der Leeuw Audio: The Parable of the 10 Virgins (Once Upon a Parable Series)
November 22nd:
Andrew Tyler Audio: The Great Banquet (Once Upon a Parable Series)
November 15th:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: The Prodigal Son (Once Upon a Parable Series)
November 8th:
Ray Smith Audio: The Tenant Farmers (Once Upon a Parable Series)
November 1st:
Alan Akers Audio: The Unforgiving Servant (Once Upon a Parable Series)

October 25th: Kevin Carlson Audio: Hidden Treasure/Pearl of Great Price (Once Upon a Parable Series)
October 18th:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: The Good Samaritan (Once Upon a Parable Series)
October 11th:
Alan Akers Audio: The Sower (Once Upon a Parable Series)
October 4th:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Being a Jesus-Centred Community (Galatians: Gospel of Grace Series)

September 27th: Alan Akers Audio: Living Life in the Holy Spirit (Galatians: Gospel of Grace Series)
September 20th:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Free to Love (Galatians: Gospel of Grace Series)
September 13th:
Ray Smith Audio: Guard Your Freedom! (Galatians: Gospel of Grace Series)
September 6th:
Alan Akers Audio: Fathers Day

August 30th: Alan Akers Audio: Enjoying Freedom as God’s Children (Galatians: Gospel of Grace Series)
August 23rd:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Receiving what God has Promised Us (Galatians: Gospel of Grace Series)
August 16th:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: The Liberating Power of Faith (Galatians: Gospel of Grace Series)
August 9th:
Alan Akers Audio: Grace Enables Authentic Community (Galatians: Gospel of Grace Series)
August 2nd: 
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: God’s Grace Transforms People (Galatians: Gospel of Grace Series)

July 26th: Lisa Detlefsen Audio: I Am the Way, The Truth and The Life (I am… Series)
July 19th: Ange van der Leeuw Audio: I Am the Light of the World (I am… Series)
July 12th: Alan Akers Audio: I Am the Resurrection & The Life (I am… Series)
July 5th: Ange van der Leeuw Audio: I Am the Bread of Life (I am… Series)

June 28th: Kevin Carlson Audio: I Am the Good Shepherd (I am… Series)
June 21st:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: I Am the Rock (I am… Series)
June 14th: Alan Akers Audio: I Am the Vine (I am… Series)
June 7th: 
Ray Smith Audio: I AM who I AM (I am… Series)

May 31st: Alan Akers Audio: Pentecost
May 24th:
Ruth Thomas Audio: World Hope (Missions Spot)
May 17th:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Prayer of Jabez (People in Prayer: Jabez)
May 10th:
Rex Rigby Audio: Mother’s day message
May 3rd
: Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Hannah’s Prayer (People in Prayer: Hannah)

April 26th: Alan Akers Audio: Paul (People in prayer: Paul)
April 19th:
Kane Crawford Audio: Daniel (People in Prayer: Daniel) 
April 12th:
Alan Akers Audio: Easter Sunday
April 10th (Good Friday): Church Family Video (
April 5th:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Jesus Prayer from the Cross (People in Prayer: Jesus)

March 29th: Dave Palmer Audio:  Jesus Prayer in John 17 (People in Prayer: Jesus)
March 22nd:
Natalie Crawford Audio: Expectations of God
March 15th:
Ray Smith Audio: How to pray like King David (People in Prayer: David)
March 8th:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Shining Faces (People in Prayer: Moses)
March 1st: Alan Akers Audio: Wrestling with God? (People in Prayer: Jacob)

February 23rd: Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Unexpected Guests (People in Prayer: Abraham)
February 16th: Kane Crawford Audio: Israel Trip
February 9th:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: New Beginnings
February 2nd:
Alan Akers Audio: The Man in the Middle

January 26th: Ange van der Leeuw Audio: God Breathes life
January 19th: Ray Smith Audio: And on the 8th day…
January 12th: Audio Unavailable
January 5th: Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Do not be afraid!

December 29th: Alan Akers Audio: Godliness with contentment
December 15th:
Alan Akers Audio: Don’t spoil Christmas
December 8th:
Kane Crawford Audio: What does God look like
December 1st:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Humble Hospitality (Bonus: Communion)

November 24th: Alan Akers Audio: How far do I have to go … to be considered a missionary
November 17th:
Amy Tyler Audio: Being God’s Heir
November 10th:
Ray Smith Audio: Jude…Contending for the Faith
November 3rd:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Love & Truth

October 27th: Ray Smith Audio: How we get over Yesterday Seminar Audio: Getting over Yesterday
October 20th: Alan Akers Audio: Blessed Assurance
October 13th:
 Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Love & Sacrifice
October 6th:
Alan Akers Audio: Faith on Fire!

September 29th: Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Jesus: Love, Light and Liberty (1 John 1)
September 22nd:
 Ange van der leeuw Audio: Armour of God (Ephesians Pt. 8)
September 15th: Alan Akers Audio: Relationships that work (Ephesians Pt. 7)
September 8th: Alan Akers Audio: A better way to live (Ephesians pt. 6)
September 1st: Fathers Day Audio: Not Available

August 25th: Ange van der leeuw Audio: Unity, Diversity and Maturity (Ephesians pt. 5)
August 18th: Stephen Franzi Audio: (GUEST SPEAKER) Gideons
August 11th: Ange van der leeuw Audio: Message and Mystery (Ephesians Pt. 4)
August 4th: 
Alan Akers Audio: Glorious Transformation! (Ephesians Pt. 3)

July 28th: Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Paul at Prayer (Ephesians Pt. 2)
July 21st:
Ray Smith Audio: You’ve got it all (Ephesians Pt. 1)
July 14th:
Alan Akers Audio: Building stronger families
July 7th:
Alan Akers Audio: Links in a chain

June 30th; Ange van der leeuw Audio: Family Trees
June 23rd:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Ruth 4
June 16th:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Ruth 3
June 9th:
 Dave Palmer Audio: Filled with the Spirit
June 2nd:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Ruth 2

May 26th: Ange van der Leeuw Audio: Ruth 1
May 19th:
Phil Hotchkin Audio: How to Maintain Hope 
May 12th:
 Ruth Prentice Audio: Mothers Day
May 5th:
Alan Akers Audio: Godly Leadership – Good Citizens

April 21st:  Ange van der Leeuw Audio:  Easter Sunday
April 19th: Di Duursma Audio: Good Friday
April 14th:  
Ange van der Leeuw Audio: You’re free to go
April 5th:    
Alan Akers Audio: A call to obedience

March 31st:  Ange van der Leeuw Audio:  Fools for Christ
March 24th:  Alan Akers  Audio:  Reflect, Reset, Resume
March 17th:  A
nge van der Leeuw  Audio:  For Yours is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory Forever AMEN
March 10th: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Lead Us Not Into Temptation
March 3rd: 
Alan Akers  Audio:  Baptism

February 24th:  Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Forgive Us Our Debts
February 17th:  Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Our Daily Bread
February 10th: 
Ray Smith  Audio:  Your Kingdom Come
February 3rd – Café Church:  Nat Crawford  Audio:  CAFE Church Natalie Crawford
February 3rd:
Alan Akers  Audio:  Hallowed Be Thy Name

January 27th:  Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Our Father, Who is in Heaven
January 20th: 
Alan Akers  Audio:  God Wants Me to Be Holy
January 13th: 
Thomas & Claire Baertschi  Audio:  MAF Baertschi’s
January 6th: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  The Frontline

December 30th:  Alan Akers  Audio:  Open Doors (Closed Minds)
December 23rd: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Make Room
December 16th: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Jesus Name Above All Names
December 9th: 
Alan Akers  Audio:  Our Prince of Peace
December 7th:  IMPACT SERVICE –
Lucy Tharratt  Audio:  Impact – Lucy Tharratt
December 2nd: 
Alan Akers  Audio:  A Living Hope

November 25thAnge van der Leeuw  Audio:  Worship Service
November 18th:  Alan Akers  Audio:  Worship – Where and When pt 3
November 11th: 
Alan Akers  Audio:  Worship – How and Why – pt 2
November 4th: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Worship Pt1

October 28thAndy Parker  Audio:  Andy Parker
October 21st: 
David Collins  Audio:  David Collins Missionary Talk
October 14th: 
Kevin Carlson  Audio:  How Old is Old pt.2
October 7th:
Kevin Carlson Audio: How Old is Old

September 30th: Ray Smith Audio: Be Kind to One Another
September 23rd:
Bron Wright Audio: Accept One Another
September 16th: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Living in Harmony with One Another
September 9th: 
David Palmer  Audio:  Pray for one another
September 2nd: 
Graeme Walker  Audio:  Father’s Day 2018

August 26th:  Alan Akers  Audio:  Bear With One Another
August 19:
Kevin Carlson Audio: Admonish One Another
August 12:
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Welcome One another
August 5th: 
Ruth Prentice  Audio:  Bear One Anothers Burdens

July 29th:  Ray Smith  Audio:  Forgive One Another
July 22nd: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Encourage One Another
July 15th: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Audio Unavailable  Transcript:  Belonging to One Another
July 8th: 
Alan Akers  Audio:  Love One Another
July 1st: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Bound for Glory

June 24th:  Alan Akers  Audio:  Romans 15
June 17th:
Alan Akers  Audio:  Just Like Us
June 10th:
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Shades of Gra(y)ce
June 3rd:
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Citizens of Earth and Heaven

May 27th:  Alan Akers  Audio:  The Christians Greatest Challenge
May 20th: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Bearers of Light and Grace
May 13th: 
Mothers Day Speakers  Audio: Audio Unavailable
May 6th: 
Rose Bugusu  Audio:  Rose Bagusu

April 29th: Rex Rigby Audio: Audio Unavailable
April 22nd:
Ray Smith  Audio:  How and When will the Jews find Jesus
April 15th: 
Ray Smith  Audio:  The spiritual condition of israel
April 8th: 
Kane Crawford  Audio:  Romans 8
April 1st:
Alan Akers  Audio:  Personal Encounters

March 25th: Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  G..
March 18th:
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  The Battle within
March 11th:
Alan Akers  Audio:  How Should A Christian Live
March 4th:
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  United By Grace  Transcript:  Romans 5 -Transcript

February 25th:  Kevin Carlson  Audio: How To live by faith
February 18th: 
Alan Akers  Audio:  The Heart of the Gospel
February 11th: 
Alan Akers  Audio:  Prayer Source of Our power
February 4th: 
Alan Akers  Audio:  Sin is Serious!

January 28th:  Ange van der Leeuw Audio:  Introduction to Romans  Transcript:  Romans 1
January 21st: 
Alan Akers  Audio:  Extraordinary!
January 14th: 
Alan Akers  Audio:  Ordinary
January 7th: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Unavailable  Transcript:  What’s in a Name – Transcript

December 31st: Alan Akers  Audio:  Moving On
December 24th:
Ange van der Leeuw Audio:  Peace  Transcript:  4th Advent – PEACE – TRANSCRIPT
December 17th:
Alan Akers  Audio:  Love!
December 10th: 
Kane Crawford  Audio:  Joy
Decmeber 3rd: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Advent Series Hope  Transcript:  Ist Advent – HOPE

November 26th:  Ruth Thomas  Audio: Unavailable
November 19th:  Ray Smith  Audio:  What can you impart
November 12th: 
David Palmer  Audio:  Fear, Folly Fraud or Freedom  Transcript:  Fear Folly Fraud or Freedom
November 5th: 
Alan Akers  Audio:  Then Sings my soul

October 29th  Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Malachi  Transcript:  Malachi
October 22nd: 
Alan Akers  Audio:  Zechariah
October 15th: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio: Haggai  Transcript:  HAGGAI
October 8th:
Kane Crawford  Audio:  Habakkuk
October 1st: 
Ray Smith  Audio:  Zephaniah

September 24th : Ange van der Leeuw  Audio: Nahum  Transcript:  Nahum
September 17th: 
Ange van der Leeuw   Audio: Amos  Transcript:  Amos
September 10th: 
Alan Akers  Audio:  Hosea
September 3rd: 
Graeme Walker  Audio:  Protecting The Men

August 27th:  Kevin Carlson  Audio:  JONAH
August 20th: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  JOEL  Transcript:  JOEL
August 13th: 
Alan Akers  Audio:  Obadiah
August 6th: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Spiritual Spinach  Transcript:  Spiritual Spinach

July 30th: Alan Akers  Audio:  Sharing the Vision
July 23rd: Ange van der Leeuw Audio: I make all things new Transcript:  I Make All Things New
July 16th: Alan Akers  Audio:  The Dragon, the Beast – and all things evil
July 9th: Ange van der Leeuw  Audio: Zephaniah Transcript:  Zephaniah
July 2nd:  Ray Smith  Audio:  3 Series of Judgements

June 25th:  Ange van der Leeuw  Audio: Heavenly Worship  Transcript:  Heavenly Worship
June 18th: 
Ray Smith  Audio:  Gods Word to the Seven Churches of Revelation
June 11th:  
Alan Akers  Audio:  Introducing Revelation
June: 4th: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio:  Surprises, Signs & Secrets  Transcript:  Surprises, Signs & Secrets
May 28th:  
Alan Akers  Audio:  Two Testaments
May 21st: 
Emily Hunter  Audio:  Mission Guest Speaker – Emily Hunter
May 7th: 
Andrew Tyler  Audio: Forgiveness
April 30th:
Ange van der Leeuw Transcript: Why do bad things happen to good people Audio:  why do bad things happen
April 23rd:
Alan Akers  Audio:  Christ will come again
April 16th: 
Alan Akers  Audio:  Easter Sunday – The Best Day..
April 9th:
Ange van der Leeuw  Transcript: Honoured Guests Transcript  Audio: Honoured Guests
April 2nd: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Transcript: Carrying Your Cross Audio:  Carrying Your Cross
March 26th: Ange van der Leeuw Transcript: Luke Meals Transcript 26-3-17 
March 5th: 
Alan Akers  Audio:  It takes a village
February 26th: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Transcript: Grief – JESUS Wept  Audio: Griof- Jesus Wept
February 19th: 
Gideon’s  Audio:  Unavailable, Sorry for any inconvenience
February 12th: 
Alan Akers  Audio:  Unavailable, Sorry for any inconvenience
February 5th:
Alan Akers  Audio:  Law and Gospel
January 29th: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Audio: The Greatest Commandment Pt2  Transcript:  Love Your neighbour
January 22nd 2017:
Ange van der Leeuw  Transcript: Love the Lord Your God Audio:  The Greatest Commandment
January 15th 2017:
Rev. Phil Hotchkin  Audio:  Women in Leadership
January 8th 2017:
Pastor Alan Akers  Audio:  Jesus prays for us
January 1st 2017: 
Pastor Alan Akers  Audio:  A Brand New Year
December 24th:
Pastor Alan Akers  Audio:  Magnificent
December 11th:
Pastor David Lloyd  Audio:  Children following Jesus
November 20th: 
Pastor David Lloyd Audio:  Tell Somebody
November 13th:
Pastor Alan Akers  Audio:  Finding Another Way
November 6th:
MAF- Baertschi’s Audio: MAF
October 30th:
Ange van der Leeuw  Transcript: Vulnerability  Audio:  The Value of Vulnerability
October 23rd: 
Pastor Alan Akers  Audio: Know Yourself 3
October 16th: 
Barry Buirski  Audio:  Gospel in the Feasts
October 9th: Pastor David Lloyd Transcript:  Please Heal Me Lord  Audio:  Please Heal Me Lord
October 2nd:  
Pastor Alan Akers Transcript: Know Yourself pt 2  Audio:  Know Yourself pt. 2
September 25th:
September 18th:
Pastor Alan Akers Transcript: Know Yourself
September 11th:
Pastor David Lloyd Transcript: Worshiping Together  Audio: Worshiping Together
September 4th:
Pastor Alan Akers Transcript: understanding-a-fathers-heart  Audio:  UNAVAILABLE (sorry for any inconvenience)
August 28th: 
Pastor Alan Akers  the-power-of-us:   Audio: The Power of Us
August 21st:
Ange van der Leeuw Transcript:  Growing Together – We Do Forgiveness  Audio:  Growing Together
August 14th:
Pastor David Lloyd Audio:  Belonging
August 7th:
Pastor Alan Akers  Audio:  Reaching out
July 31st:
Pastor Alan Akers Message: Better Together 1 Created For Community  Audio:  Created For Community
July 24th:  
Pastor David Lloyd  Audio: Why Worry
July 17th:  Ange van der Leeuw  Message:  Euthanasia Audio:  Euthanasia  Study Notes:  Study Notes Euthanasia- Ange V
July 10th:
Pastor Alan Akers  Message: Sharing The Good News With Others Audio:  Sharing the Good news with others
July 3rd: 
Pastor Alan Akers  Message:  Searching The Scriptures  Audio:  Searching the Scriptures
June 26th:
Pastor David Lloyd  Audio:  Paul’s Second Missionary Journey – A Simple Message
June 19th: 
Pastor Alan Akers  Message: When Good Friends Fall Out  Audio:  When Good Friends Fall Out
June 12th: 
Pastor Alan Akers  Message: How Am I Saved  Study: How Am I Saved Audio:  How Am I Saved
June 5th: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Message:  A Big Day Out  Study: A Big Day Out study notes   Audio:  A Risky Big Day Out
May 29th: 
Pastor David Lloyd  Message: Paul’s first Missionary Journey Part 2 Study: Paul’s First Missionary Journey Part 2 Study  Audio:  Pauls First Journey Pt 2
May 22nd:
Pastor David Lloyd  Message: Pauls first Missionary Journey Part 1 Study: Pauls First Missionary Journey Pt 1 study Audio:  Pauls First Journey Pt 1
May 15th:
Pastor Alan Akers  Message: God’s Role and Ours  Study: God’s Role and Ours Study Audio: God’s Role and Ours
May 8th:  Mother’s Day  Audio: Mothers Day Karen Lang  Mothers Day Bron Wright
May 1st: 
Ange van der Leeuw  Message: COUNT IT ALL JOY  Study Notes:  COUNT IT ALL JOY Audio:  Count It All Joy
April 24th:  
Pastor Alan Akers  Message:  Claiming Our Children For God  Audio:  Claiming our children for God
April 17th:
  Alison Buttenshaw  Audio:   CAP Presentation
April 10th: 
Graham Brodie  Audio:  Gideon Message
April 3rd: 
Pastor David Lloyd  Message:  Know your Enemy  Audio:  Know your enemy
March 27th: 
Pastor Alan Akers  Message:  Quo Vadis  Audio:  Quo Vadis (Where are you going)
March 20th:  Ange van der Leeuw  Message:The Good Shepherd Transcript  Study Notes: The Good Shepherd Study Notes for Ange V  Audio: The Good Shepherd
March 13th:
  Pastor Alan Akers  Message: When It Gets Tough  Study Notes: When It Gets Tough study Audio: When It Gets Tough
March 6th: Pastor David  Message: Overwhelmed – Look beyond the Valley  Study Notes: Overwhelmed- Look Beyond the Valley study Audio:  Overwhelmed- Look Beyond the Valley
February 28th:
Pastor Alan  Message: Preparing for Easter Study Notes: Preparing for Easter study Audio: Preparing for Easter
February 21st: 
Pastor David  Message: Ministry of One Another Study Notes: Ministry of One Another study Audio:  The Ministry of One Another
February 14th: 
Pastor Alan  Message: Thinking Like Jesus  Study Notes: Thinking Like Jesus study  Audio: Thinking Like Jesus
February 7th: 
Pastor Alan  Message: Guarding Our Minds Study Notes: Guarding Our Minds study  Audio:  Guarding our minds
January 31st:
Pastor David  Message: Prayers God Cannot Ignore Study Notes: Prayers God Cannot Ignore study Audio: Prayers God Cannot Ignore 
January 24th:
Ange van der Leeuw  Message: God The Rock  Audio:  God the Rock
January 17th:
Pastor Alan: Message: Giving To Grow Gods Kingdom  Audio:  Giving to Grow God’s Kingdom
January 10th:  Pastor David  Message: Remaining Salty in 2016 Audio: Remain Salty
January 3rd: Pastor Alan  Message: Living Well In 2016 Audio: Living Well – in 2016
December 27th:
Pastor Alan:  Message:A Wide Open Door  Audio: A wide Open Door
December 20th:
Pastor David:  Message: God became flesh and stepped into our darkness Audio: God became flesh and stepped into our darkness….
December 13th:
Pastor Alan  Message:  Audio: Christmas Through Joseph’s Eyes
December 6th: 
Pastor Alan  Message: Into The Mess Study Notes: Into the Mess – study Audio: Into the mess
November 22nd:
John Arnold  Audio: Missions Sunday – John Arnold
November 15th:
Pastor David Message: Joel Part 2 – Going Deeper Study Notes: Joel Part 2 Going Deeper study  Audio: Joel part 2 Going deeper
November 8th:
Pastor David  Message: Joel Part 1 – Repentance  Study Notes: Joel Part 1 – Repentance Study Audio:  Not this week , sorry
November 1st:
Pastor Alan  Message: God Wants Our Love Study Notes: God Wants Our Love study  Audio: God Wants Our Love
October 25th: 
Pastor Alan  Message: Understanding How God Feels Study Notes: Understanding How God Feels study Audio:  Not this week, sorry
October 18th:
Pastor David Message: One (won) for Jesus Audio: One for Jesus Study Notes: One (won) for Jesus
October 11th: Ange van der Leeuw Message: Encouragement …not an optional extra Study Notes: Encouragement …not an optional extra Study Notes Audio: Encouragement… not an optional extra
October 4th:
Pastor Alan Message: Follow…Me Study Notes: Follow Me Audio: Follow..Me
September 27th:
Ray Smith Message: Living a Productive Life Audio: Living a Productive Life
September 20th:
Pastor David Message: Strong Marriages and Strong Churches Audio:  Strong Marriages & Strong Churches
September 13th: 
Pastor Alan  Message: Marriage God’s Precious Gift Study Notes: Marriage God’s Precious Gift study Audio:  Marriage God’s Precious Gift
September 6th:
Pastor Alan Message: Interceding For Our Families Study Notes: Interceding For Our Families study Audio:  Interceding For Our Families
August 30th: 
Pastor Alan Message: The Thing That Defines Us Study Notes: The Thing That Defines Us study Audio: Not available sorry
August 23rd: 
Pastor David  Message: Turning Darkness into Light  Study Notes: Turning Darkness into Light study Audio: Turning Darkness into Light
August 16th:
Pastor Alan  Message: Consider Him Study Notes: Consider Him study Audio:
August 9th: 
Pastor Alan  Message: Generous Measures Study Notes: Generous Measure study Audio:  Generous Measure
August 2nd:
Pastor Alan Message: Turned Around Study Notes: Turned Around Study Audio: Turned Around
July 26th:
Pastor David Message: Phillip the Evangelist  Study Notes: Phillip the Evangelist study Audio:  Phillip the Evangelist
July 19th:
Ange van der Leeuw  Message: Child Like or Childish Study Notes: Child Like or Childish study  Audio:  Child-Like or Childish.
July 12th:
Pastor Alan  Message: Under Fire Study Notes: Under Fire study Audio: Under Fire!
July 5th:
Pastor Alan  Message: Setting Priorities Study Notes: Setting Priorities Study  Audio: Setting Priorities
June 28th:
Pastor Alan  Message: Dishonest To God Study Notes: Dishonest to God Study  Audio:  Dishonest to God
June 21st:
Pastor David Message: Life in the Early Church  Study Notes: Life in the Early Church study Audio:  Life in the Early Church
June 14th:
Pastor Alan Message: Speaking Out Study Notes: Speaking Out study Audio: Speaking Out
June 7th
Pastor Alan Message: Using What God Has Given Study Notes: Using What God Has Given study Audio: Not available
May 31st
Pastor David Message: Pentecost What a Blessing  Study Notes: Pentecost What a Blessing Study Audio: Pentecost What a Blessing
May 24th
Pastor Alan Message: Understanding Pentecost Study Notes: Understanding Pentecost Study  Audio: Understanding Pentecost
May 17th
Pastor Alan Message: Psalm 51When Convicted Of Sin Study Notes: Psalm 51 When Convicted of Sin study Audio: None this week, sorry
May 10th Mother’s Day
Pastor Alan Message: Understanding Gods Heart  Study Notes: Understanding Gods Heart study  Audio: Understanding God’s Heart
May 3rd
Pastor David Message:Trust in God Alone Study Notes: Trust in God Alone  Audio: Trust In God Alone
April 26th
David Holmes- Gideons
April 19th
Ange van der Leeuw Message: Lament Psalm 13 Study Notes: Study Notes LAMENT a Long Winter Audio: Lament- A long winter
April 12th
Pastor Alan Message: Psalms 1 The Glory Of God Psalm 19  Study Notes: The Glory of God  Audio: The Glory of God
April 5th 
Pastor David Message: Easter Sunday message   Audio: Easter – The Greatest Love Story Ever Told
April 3rd: Good Friday Pastor Alan Message: Waiting Audio: Good Friday
March 29th: Pastor Alan Message: That They May Be One  Audio: That They May Be One
March 22nd:
Pastor David Message: A Sacrifice for Others  Study Notes: A Sacrifice for Others Study Audio:Preparing for the Cross – A Sacrifice for Others
March 15th
Ray Smith Message Audio: A matter of perspective  Study Notes: Study Notes A Matter of Perspective
March 8th
Pastor David Message: Cost of Following Jesus Study Notes: Cost of Following Jesus study  Audio: Cost of Following Jesus
March 1st Pastor Alan Message: A Heart Like Gods Heart Study Notes: A Heart Like Gods Heart study Audio: A Heart Like Gods Heart
February 22nd Pastor Alan Message: Priceless Study Notes: Priceless Study Audio: Priceless
February 15th
Pastor Alan Message: Rhythm Of Life Audio: The Rhythm of Life  Study Notes: Rhythm of LIfe
February 8th
Pastor Alan Message: Living With Change  Audio: Unavailable this week Study Notes: Living with Change study
February 1st
Pastor David Message:Sexual Holiness  Audio: Sexual Holiness Study Notes: Sexual Holiness
January 25th
Pastor Alan Message: Bloom Where You’re Planted  Audio: Bloom Where You’re Planted
January 18th
Pastor Alan Message: Moved By Compassion  Audio: Moved by Compassion
January 11th
Pastor David Message: Reasons to Trust God  Audio: 2015-01-11 Trust God in 2015
January 4th
Pastor Alan  Message:  Audio: A Fresh Start
December 28th 
Pastor Alan Message: Truly Blessed Audio: Truly Blessed
December 21st
Pastor Alan Message: Sleeping On The Job Audio: Sleeping on the Job
December 14th
Pastor David  Audio: Raising the Next Generation to Follow Jesus
December 7th
Ange van der Leeuw Message:  What do you give a King Study Notes:    Audio: Not available this week
November 30th
Pastor Alan Message: Colossians Serving Together Study Notes: Serving Together Audio: Serving Together
November 23rd
Max Chapman Message: Nov 23rd Flying for Life MAF
November 16th
Pastor David Message: Nov 16th Honour Christ at Home at Work Study Notes: Nov 16 HomeGroupBibleStudy Audio:  Honouring Christ and work and home2
November 9th
David Collins Study Notes:  Audio: Gods hand upon our lives
November 2nd Pastor Alan Message: Colossians Living to Please God Study Notes:Study Notes Living To Please God Audio:  Living to Please God – Nov 2nd
October 26th Message: Colossians – Freedom in Christ Study Notes: Freedom in Christ Study Notes  Audio: Freedom in Christ
October 19th Message: Oct 19th 2014 Faithful Servants Study Notes:Home Group Bible Study Faithful Servants Audio Faithful Servants 

: October 12th Pastor David Message: 12th Oct 2014 Jesus Super Supreme  Study Notes: 12th Oct 2014 HomeGroupBibleStudy  Audio:Jesus Super Supreme
October 5th Message: Oct 5th 2014 In Christ Alone Colossians 1 What God Has Done Study Notes:  Oct 5th HomeGroupBibleStudy WhatGodHasDone Audio: What God Has Done
September 28th Message: Sept 28th Please Help Me Lord  Audio: Please help me Lord
September 21st Message: 21 Sept 2014 Weeds!  Audio: Weeds
September 14th Message: Sept 14 2014 Known By God  Study Notes: Sept 14 2014 Home Group Bible Study
September 7th Study Notes: Sept 7th 2014 HomeGroupBibleStudy – Fathers Day Audio: Fathers Day
August 31st
Pastor David: Written Message: Aug 31st 2014 The Holy Presence of God Study Notes: Aug 31 HomeGroupBibleStudy Audio: Aug 31 The Holy Presence of God
August 24th
 Pastor Alan: Written Message: Aug 24th New Wineskins Study Notes: Aug 24th HomeGroupBibleStudy Audio: New Wineskins
August 17th
 Pastor Alan: Written Message: Aug 17th 2014 TheGreatParadox Study Notes: Aug 17th HomeGroupBibleStudy Audio: The Great Paradox
August 10th Pastor David: Written Message: 10th Aug 2014 Peace with God Study NotesAug 10 HomeGroupBibleStudy Audio: Peace with God
August 3rd Pastor Alan:
Written Message:Aug 3 Facing The Storms Of Life Study Notes: Aug 3 HomeGroupBibleStudy  Audio: Facing the Storms of Life
July 27th Pastor David: Written Message: 27th July 2014 GIving Away Gods Resources Study Notes: 27th July 2014 Study questions Audio: Giving Away Gods Resources
July 20th Pastor Alan:  Written Message:20th July GenerousPeople2    Study Notes: 20th July 2014 What Kind of People 2
July 13th Pastor Alan:  Written Message: 13th July 2014 What Kind Of People Study Notes: 13th July 2014 Study Questions AUDIO: What Kind of People
July 6th Pastor Alan  Written Message:6th July 2014 Why Wesleyan   Study Notes: 6th July 2014 HomeGroupBibleStudy   AUDIO: Why Wesleyan
June 29th Pastor David AUDIO: Opportunities to Share the Good News Written Message: June 29 2014 Opportunities to share the Good News
June 22nd Pastor Alan AUDIO: Ready and Available Opportunities Missed  Written Message:  Ready And Available Study Notes: Home Group Bible Study
June 15th
Pastor Alan AUDIO: The Power of StoryWritten Message: The Power Of Story Study Notes: Home GroupBibleStudy
June 8th Pastor David Written Message: June 8th 2014 Prayer that is Persistent and Bold  Study Notes: June 8th 2014 Home Group BibleStudy
J Shelling
8th June PM Combined Pentecost Service  ‘The Connection Between Shavuot and Pentecost’ AUDIO: Shavuot and Pentecost
June 1st
Pastor Alan AUDIO: Understanding the secular mind June 1st 2014 Written Message: UnderstandingTheSecularMind2 Study Notes:  HomeGroupBibleStudy June 1st
May 25th
Pastor Alan AUDIO: May 25 2014 Confessions of a Reluctant Evangelist  Written Message: ConfessionsOfAReluctantEvangelist2 Study Notes: 140525HomeGroupBibleStudy
May 18th Pastor Alan AUDIO: May18 2014 Deciding for our families,  Written Message: May 18th DecidingForOurFamilies2   Study Notes: May 18th HomeGroupBibleStudy
May 11th
Rachel Dalzotto, Nikita Scherer & Bec Lanham AUDIO: May 11 2014 Bec, Rachel and Nikita Study Notes: HomeGroupBibleStudy
May 4th Pastor David AUDIO: Developing a Passion to Reach the Lost    Written Message: May 4th 2014 Developing a Passion to reach the Lost  Study Notes: May 4th HomeGroupBibleStudy
April 27th Pastor David AUDIO:  Evangelism series1 The Need for Salvation  Written Message: April 27th 14 Evangelism 1 The need for salvation  Study Notes: April 27th 2014 HomeGroupBibleStudy
April 20th Pastor Alan Easter Sunday AUDIO: Defiant hope   Written Message: Easter Sunday Defiant Hope   Study Notes: April 20th 2014 HomeGroupBibleStudy
Pastor David Good Friday Written Message: Good Friday Agony of the Cross
April 13th Ange van der Leeuw (sorry, no audio this week) Written Message: April 13th Extravagance and Treachery
April 6th Pastor David AUDIO: Looking towards the Cross Can Jesus deliver  Written Message: April 6th 2014 Looking towards the Cross Can Jesus Deliver
March 23rd Pastor Alan AUDIO: One Thing I Do  Written Message: March 23 2014 Rebuilding 5 One Thing     Study Notes: March 23rd HomeGroupBibleStudy
March 16th Pastor Alan AUDIO: Rebuilding 4 Hard Going  Written Message: Rebuilding 4 Hard Going       Study Notes: March 16 HomeGroupBibleStudy
March 9th Pastor David AUDIO: Having a Vision  Written Message: Nehemiah #3   Study Notes: March 9th HomeGroupBibleStudy
March 2nd
Pastor Alan  AUDIO: Come to me   Written Message: Come To Me     Study Notes: March 2nd HomeGroupBibleStudy
Feb 23rd Barry Borneman
AUDIO: Feb 23rd 2014 Barry Borneman  Study Notes: Feb 23rd HomeGroupBibleStudy
Feb 16th Pastor David AUDIO: 2014-02-16 Rebuilding the Wall – Time To Move
   Written Message: Feb 16 Time to Move  Study Notes: Feb 16 HomeGroupBibleStudy
Feb 9th Pastor Alan AUDIO:
 Rebuilding the Wall 1 Where do I start  Written Message: Feb 9 Rebuilding 1 Where Do I Start  Study Notes: HomeGroupBibleStudy Feb 9
Feb 2nd Ange van der Leeuw
AUDIO: I Will Build My Gathering     Written Message: I Will Build My Gathering Feb 2nd 2014  Study Notes:  Study Notes I Will Build My Gathering – Ange V Feb 2nd 2014
Jan 26th Pastor Alan
AUDIO:What God Requires  Written Message:Jan 26th What God Requires
Jan 19th Pastor Alan
AUDIO: God is with us    Written Message: Jan 19th 2014 God Is With Us
Jan 12th Pastor David
AUDIO:Sowing Generously     Written Message: Jan 12th 2014 Sowing Generously
Jan 5th Pastor Alan
AUDIO: Good Stewards     Written Message: Jan 5th 2014 Good Steward