Encounters with Jesus: A boy and his lunch


It wasn’t much; their home was poor,

She didn’t have a lot to spare.

But then, he was her little boy,

And giving is a mother’s joy.

The bread and fish that made his lunch

She gave with love and packed with care.

The crowd that gathered by the lake

To hear the Teacher, brought no food.

They listened well; their need was great;

They didn’t notice time was late,

‘Til Jesus, in compassion asked,

How can we feed this multitude?

A little boy stood in that crowd;

He’d heard it all, from start to end.

His heart was stirred, he’d heard the need

To buy some bread the crowd to feed,

And, plucking up his courage, rose

And brought his lunch to Jesus’ friend.

“There is a boy here,” Andrew said,

“He has his lunch, it isn’t much.”

But Jesus smiled, gave thanks and broke

The loaves of bread, and as he spoke

The small boy’s lunch was multiplied.

The crowd was fed by the Master’s touch.

It wasn’t much; he hadn’t much;

But what he had that day, he gave;

And giving, proved a truth not known

To those who hoard the things they own:

That what we prize and keep, we lose;

But things we give away, we save.

Read John’s account of this beautiful encounter in John 6:1-15

PRAYER: Thank you, Father, for all you give us.  Help us to hold loosely those things we like to call our own.  Teach us the lesson of this little boy: that nothing is too small when we place it in the hands of the Master.  Amen

SONG:  Break Thou the Bread of Life by Fountainview Academy. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djc3MUpRY6U)