Proverbs for Wednesday: Avoiding Danger

I hate wearing a mask. But, it’s one of the most common sense ways to avoid danger and stay safe. We currently face a number of danger areas. Obviously one is our health. However, simply living in our ‘personal environment’ poses other risks to us.

There are two simple ways we respond to danger. Action or inaction. Both these principles are taught in Proverbs.

The first is to take evasive action.

The prudent see danger and take refuge but the simple keep going and suffer for it. –  22:3 and repeated in 27:12.

Taking refuge keeps us safe.

The second response is to do nothing in the face of danger. Ignore it, hope it goes away, and believe ‘it won’t happen to me’!

The sluggard says ‘ there is a lion in the road, a fierce lion roaming the streets’. – 26:13.

This proverb would be comical if it wasn’t so serious. There is no corresponding action to his observation. The sluggard sees an obvious danger but is too lazy to take refuge.

As we live in our ‘personal environment’ our safety is impacted by what we do or don’t do. Our ‘personal spiritual environment’ is the same. This is one major area in which we can be exposed to danger at present. We can easily find ourselves in a state of ‘drift’. When I was a theological student, I was taught to regularly check that four things were in place, to be spiritually safe.

*Regular Bible reading so we can hear what God is saying to us.

*Regular prayer, so we can bring our confession and requests to our Father.

*Regular meeting together for worship and fellowship (Which we are still doing in a virtual way).

*Seek to maintain connections with others for witnessing and ministry.

Check often that these 4 things are in place. Neglecting of any of them can endanger our spiritual life. Look for the ‘red flags’ that indicate ‘danger ahead’ and arrest any spiritual drift.

PRAYER:  (A personal paraphrase of Psalm 5:11 & 12).

Lord we gladly take refuge in you, and joyfully sing about what you provide for us.

As we do we thank you that you spread your protection over us like a blanket causing us to rejoice in you because of your love. This is your blessing for us as we seek to live righteous lives. You continually surround us with your favour, which protects us like a shield.

Thank you, In Jesus Name, AMEN

HYMN: Immortal Invisible, God Only Wise –