Proverbs for Wednesday: Aspirations & Regrets

Australian actor John Wood has just released his autobiography titled, How I Clawed My Way to the Middle! I just love this title. (John Wood starred in Blue Heelers, Raffertys Rules, and the Dr Blake Mysteries. Winning a few Logie awards along the way).

We can expend a lot of energy in life striving to reach a level of accomplishment or success. This may involve striving to be someone other than who we really are. Or, living with the regret that we haven’t achieved what we think we should have when we really didn’t need to.


Two proverbs highlight this pretence and fallacy.

Better to be a nobody and yet have a servant, than pretend to be somebody and have no food. (Proverbs 12:9)
OR in the RSV version
Better is the man of humble standing, who works for himself, than one who plays the great man, but lacks bread. (Proverbs 12:9)

One man pretends to be rich yet has nothing. Another pretends to be poor yet has great wealth. (Proverbs 13:7)


These proverbs show the balance point between aspiration and regret. What we want to achieve, and what we haven’t been able to do. They illustrate the effort we make to try and be who we think we are meant to be. They give us the insight to accept who we really are.

All we are required to do by our Creator God is to reach the point in life He has created and gifted us to reach. Enabled to be where He has ordained us to be. We may be tempted to regard where we are as the ‘middle’ but to our Father, it is the ‘top’.
Let’s remind ourselves today that we are daughters and sons of God, and heirs of His Kingdom.

Let’s freshly accept and celebrate ourselves for who we are, where we are in life and what we have accomplished along the way.



Father, we thank you for what you have enabled us to do and achieve in our life and that your grace has been sufficient for us.
We commit our gifts and abilities to you today so you can continue to use us.
We pray for open doors of opportunity to speak of our faith in Jesus and to extend support to someone in need.
As we are still unable to assemble as a church, continue to work your work of bonding among us. Amen


SONG: How Deep the Fathers Love for Us by Selah (