Proverbs for Wednesdays: Financial Wisdom Pt. 2

(Written by Ray Smith) 

Last Wednesday we looked at two principles of money/ resource management. Devoting money to righteous activities and preserving some of our resources for the future.

Today we look at two more principles taught in Proverbs.

My first job after school was as a bank clerk with “Bank West” in W.A. One morning each week, one of my tasks was to visit the local primary school, and collect “threepences” and “sixpences” from the children which were deposited in their savings accounts. (This was the year before we changed to $ and cents). Week by week the kids delighted in watching their money grow.
Was this just piggy bank economics? Later I learned this was actually a Biblical principle.

From Proverbs:

He who gathers money little by little, makes it grow. – Proverbs 13:11

This principle of stage by stage money management has 2 outcomes. It not only builds wealth steadily but gives us experience overtime to manage it. Biblical money management is about the blessing of gradual increase, in contrast to a ‘get rich quick’ mentality. Gradual growth, rather than quick solutions. It’s a function of stewardship.

Haste leads to poverty. – Proverbs 21:5

This insight is particularly relevant for those of us who act on impulse. Too much can be lost by impulsive action. Impulsive action may be unplanned spending, purchasing without checking quality first, entering into business ventures without counting the cost or reading the fine print.

It is contrary to the fruit of self-control the Spirit wants to produce.

May you see Gods fresh blessing on your resources at this time.


PRAYER: Lord, help us to learn, know and practise these basic principles. But we know these are days when many are in need, please show us how we can help those who may be in financial difficulty. Please make this a part of our witness to Gods truth. In Jesus Name, Amen


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