Proverbs for Wednesday – Being content in your natural space

(Written by Ray Smith)

Common wisdom in our upwardly mobile society dictates that we strive to attain more than we have, and aim for positions in life higher than we hold now.  We are conditioned to be ‘aspirational beings’. This aspirational drive makes us want to be somewhere else, or even like someone else…..and it takes a lot of our energy.

So, when the Bible counsels us to find contentment where we are, it runs counter to prevailing wisdom.  For most of us, our greatest personal and spiritual growth will occur by staying right where we are, rather than moving on to some other place. Decisions to stay where we are, rather than going somewhere else, can be freshly empowering.  Our task is to continually rejuvenate our current place, and live in that space.

In Proverbs 30:18 and 19, Agur, the writer, observed life around him.  A proverb doesn’t necessarily explain everything for us. It enables us to look at some phenomena, often in nature, and draw conclusions.  Agur observed four things that are simply content to be where they are and who they are.

There are three things that are too amazing for me

Four that I do not understand.

The way of an eagle in the sky.

The way of a snake on a rock.

The way of a ship on the high seas.

And the way of a man with a maiden “

Agur observed each being in their natural space and was amazed. Each one was comfortable in their own skin. Each was content on being who they were and where they were. Content in their way of operating in their space.

The snake didn’t need to be an eagle. The eagle didn’t need to be a snake.  They were simply operating according to who they were and who they were created to be. That’s the grace of contentment…and ‘Godliness with contentment is great gain’ (1 Tim 6:6)

Note : Other references to contentment in our life positions..1 Cor 7:17 / Ecc 5:19 / Phil 4 : 11 / 1 Tim 6: 8-9 / Heb 13:5

PRAYER: Pray for our Pastors Ange and Alan, and the provision of another associate Pastor.
Help us to see our personal challenges and respond to them right where we are.
Bless us in coming Sunday mornings as we see the ways in which Jesus is ‘I AM’.
Give thanks for the easing of the COVID-19 restrictions and pray for our church leadership as they plan future services and meetings.

SONG: When Peace like a River

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