Journey to the Holy Land: Day 4 – Timna

(Written by Kane Crawford)

Today we finally crossed the border into Israel. We left Wadi Rum and drove West to the city of Aqaba and said goodbye to Jordan. Crossing the border was certainly an experience, with many armed guards and lots of questions, but thankfully we all made it over before too long. From the border, we drove North to Timna Park, the location of a beautiful man-made Oasis and the tabernacle replica. The landscape in the Nagev desert in Israel was very similar to that of Jordan, lots of mountains and desert flora. On the way to our destination, we saw Mt Nagev, the site of the world’s first known copper mine, and learned a bit about its interesting history. It was quite a shock to the senses when we finally arrived at the colourful and lush Oasis resort at Timna.

After lunch, we headed to the Tabernacle replica nearby. It was a real treat to see the Bible come to life before my eyes. We were guided through the replica and heard in great detail the history of the original courtyard, the sacrificial pit, the tent and the holy place where the ark of the covenant rested, and so on. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to see the history of the Jews with my own eyes in this way, and it reminded me of something that I often forget; that an audience before God was something that very few people in ancient Israel were afforded.

If you were given this chance, just once to approach God’s holiest of holies in this way – what would you say? What would you ask for?


Hebrews 9:7 ESV

“But into the second only the High Priest goes, and he but once a year, and not without taking blood, which he offers for himself and for the unintentional sins of the people.”


How often do we take for granted how freely we can approach the holiest of holies today? A privilege that was possible for the High Priest alone, and only after much preparation, is now available to each of us as believers. But one detail, in particular, is of special importance, and that is that in order to enter the holiest of holies, the High Priest had to be ceremonially clean in order to stand before God.

Thankfully, we have a high priest who lives within us who enables us to approach God in this clean state. Thanks to Jesus, we are able to be seen as spiritually clean and are able to boldly approach the King of Kings.

Today: So I ask again if you were given this chance, just once to approach God’s holiest of holies in this way – what would you say? What would you ask for? It isn’t a fanciful, rhetorical question, as I asked it above because, in reality, we have been given that chance. We can approach God any time we like, so what will you say or do in God’s presence today?