Proverbs for Wednesdays – Walking with a stately stride

(Written by Ray Smith)

One of the features of Proverbs is the drawing of spiritual life principles from the natural world. The natural illustrates the spiritual.

One such connection is seen in Proverbs 30:29- 31.

There are three things that are stately in their stride.
Four that move with stately bearing.
A lion, mighty among beasts, who retreats before nothing.
A strutting cock, a he-goat and a king with his army around him.”

Each of these beings walks through life, with a confident, stately stride, no matter what is happening around them or threatening them.

The lion who fears nothing or no- one.
The rooster strutting his stuff as king of the chook house.
The billy goat, who climbs the rock pile, stands on top and
challenges anyone who comes near.
The king who is shielded and secure while his army surrounds him,
They are all stately in their stride and bearing.

How does this relate to you?

The underlying principle of a ‘stately stride’ is the feeling of security. There are no challengers. Our security is based on who we are. Who we are is in turn based upon our spiritual position and status.
As Christians, we are in that amazing, secure, confident position of being ‘in Christ’ and Christ being ‘in us’. (2 Cor. 5:17) and (Col. 1: 27).
Therefore we can walk through this world with a stately stride.

Whoever claims to live in Him, must walk as Jesus did. – 1 John 2:6
Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. – Galatians 5:25

Lift up your head today, lengthen your stride and walk tall as the person God has made us be!



Father, we thank you for who you have made us be. . . your children inexplicably united with Christ. Thank you that we are secure as we remain in Him.

Help us to walk through this world at this time, in the steps of Jesus.

Please deliver us from all our fears as we acknowledge that we are more than conquers through Christ who loves us.

May people around us see that we are different in the way we walk . . . in Christlike attitudes and actions.

Please provide resources for those in need around us and encourage them in your provision.

May this be a time in our nation when many people turn to you.

Make us as a church to continue to be your people of power and compassion. AMEN


SONG: For I’m Building a People of Power by Dave Richards (