Journey to the Holy Land: Day 0 – The Flight

Journey to the Holy Land: Day 0 – The Flight

Kane Crawford

NB: Being in isolation has given me the opportunity to do a bit of soul searching and spend some time reflecting on my trip to Israel. God has inspired me to write a series of devotions, recounting each of the sites and landmarks I travelled to during my trip. I am looking forward to this and hope that you will too as I share my experiences with you.

Day 0 The Flight

I arrived at the airport at around 8.30pm with my Natalie and the kids. It wasn’t long until I met up with the group I would be travelling with. I boarded at 11pm and began my 12-hour flight to Dubai. We arrived at around 6am the next morning and already my body clock is all turned around. I notice a lot of new cultures and feel quite out of place.

The wait for our next flight into Amman is only 2 hours, and soon enough we are in the air again. This time, I have a window seat. I don’t fly very often, and never overseas (except NZ, but that barely counts!). I am awestruck at the views from outside of the plane. I see the dense and built-up city of Dubai from above, I see miles and miles of flat, barren deserts, I see small isolated settlements in the middle of the wastelands, I see abandoned forts and other strange structures… and realize how little I know about the outside world.

Suddenly, a sense of scope begins to sink in. I am moving closer and closer to the land where it all began and I realize how self-absorbed I am in my thinking that “Christianity is my story”. I begin to understand that God watches over the whole world, and all of human history, not just Wangaratta in the year of Kane Crawford.

Have you not known? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is unsearchable. – Isaiah 40:28 ESV

 The world that God created is vast, beautiful and diverse. The artistry of the world around us shows God’s creativity and his might – and despite trying to understand that, we only ever get to see such small parts of the bigger picture at a time. Our understanding of the enormity of God and His wonders will always fall short. Our lives are like grains of sand and God understands and watches over all of it. How often do we get lost in our own little world? We stress about whether or not we will get to buy our favourite brand of milk and all the while, God holds all of human history and all of creation in His hand. This was an awesome revelation for me and God’s way of preparing my heart for what He would show me over the next 14 days.


Today – let’s try to remember how beyond our understanding God’s wonders are. God’s glory can sometimes seem like it is limited by our own comprehension, so let’s invite Him to reveal Himself to us in ways that surpass our current understanding and expectations of Him.


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