Proverbs for Wednesdays – The Power of our Words

PROVERBS FOR WEDNESDAYS – The Power of our Words

Ray Smith


Over the past couple of weeks I have experienced the paradox of seeing less people, but speaking to people more. I’m sure you have too. It makes me think of the power of our words. What are they creating?
The following 3 Proverbs help me appreciate the potential power of the words we speak.

A man finds joy in giving an apt reply, and how good is a timely word. – Proverbs 15:23

Listening before speaking. Thinking about what someone else is saying, so we can give an apt reply.
And, speaking words into their life that are timely. Words spoken at a right and necessary time. The outcome is our joy and another person’s good.

An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up. – Proverbs 12:25

We observe the exponential increase of anxiety and depression in our community. Words of kindness have the potential to cheer and lift people up. We all have words of kindness to speak. Kindness is one of the fruits of the Spirit that is most needed now.

The lips of the wise spread knowledge………….  – Proverbs 15:7

As Christians we have unique knowledge to impart. It is God’s revealed knowledge. His perspective. His angle. Our Lords truth.




# Thank you, Lord, that you have spoken from heaven. Thank you for your words that encourage and direct us. We treasure what you have said.

# Lord , who do you want me to speak to this week? Impress on our hearts what you want us to say. Words that will lift someone’s spirit, and be apt and timely.

# Bless us as we think of the needs of others, and our response to them.

# We praise you Lord that you know the beginning from the end.. That you know the situation we are in and are walking with us through it.

# Father we pray that through this strange and difficult time we will see revival in our land, as many people turn to you.

 HYMN: Lord Speak to Me – S.E. Samonte